The Vizard Foundation
Art Collection of the 1990s
Australian Art and Artists from the Decade

The 1990s were a decade in which Australians argued long and hard about national identity. Talking about what we stood for often meant talking about what stood for us: what images and symbols represented Australian history and experience. Sometimes we encountered symbols that didn't take: kangaroos on BMX bikes, anyone? More often, artists focussed on the symbols that we didn't take seriously — suburban houses — or need to acknowledge more effectively — the experience of Indigenous Australians.

This collection is not intended to make a definitive statement about the decade or Australian art in general. It reflects a process that began with an engagement with artists: listening to the questions they were asking of art and culture, recognising the significance of local experience and identity. The pleasure of this activity has been in listening and learning, looking at things differently, understanding more about contemporary art. This website is a record of that process, and to every person engaged in it — artists, academics, museum staff, gallerists, writers — we express our profound thanks.

Steve Vizard AM
Chairman, Vizard Foundation.